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Current Experiments

Date Range GLBa0.08 ⇣ GLBu0.08 ⇣
Apr-05-2014-Present ✓ Available (expt_91.1) ✓ Available (expt_91.1)
Aug-21-2013-Apr-04-2014 ✓ Available (expt_91.0) ✓ Available (expt_91.0)
Jan-03-2011-Aug-20-2013 ✓ Available (expt_90.9) coming soon
May-07-2009-Jan-02-2011 ✓ Available (expt_90.8)
Sep-19-2008-May-06-2009 ✓ Available (expt_90.6)
Native hycom .[ab] data converted to NetCDF on native Mercator-curvilinear HYCOM horizontal grid and interpolated to 33 z-levels. Eleven fields are provided: surface water flux, mld (ILT), mlp (MLT), surface heat flux, sea surface height, surface salinity trend, surface temperature trend, salinity, potential temperature, u-velocity, and v-velocity.

Native hycom .[ab] data converted to NetCDF interpolated to a uniform 0.08 degree lat/lon grid between 80.48S and 80.48N and interpolated to 40 standard z-levels. Five fields are provided: SSH, eastward velocity, northward velocity, in-situ temperature, and salinity.