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Here you will find some frequently asked questions. If your question was not addressed here or anywhere else on our website, then please ask for help in our web forum (http://forum.hycom.org) or search our wiki (http://wiki.hycom.org).

Did you know there are missing days in the Global Reanalysis? Print

Yes. We are aware that some days in the Global Reanalysis (GLBu0.08/expt_19.x) are missing data. We will not be filling in these data gaps. CPU cycles on the Navy HPC are finite and the project is only allocated so much resources. The following times are known to be missing from the Global Reanalysis.

1992 (expt_19.0)
1992100200_t015 ~ 1992123100_t015 [not available]
1992100200_t018 ~ 1992123100_t018 [not available]
1992100200_t021 ~ 1992123100_t021 [not available]
1993 (expt_19.0)
1993120300_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
1993120800_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
1994 (expt_19.0)
1994020800_t003 [not available]
1994021100_t003 [not available]
1994021400_t012 [not available]
1994081700_t021 [not available]
1994091700_t021 [not available]
1994101700_t006 [not available]
1994110500_t018 [not available]
1994111900_t018 [not available]
1994120800_t021 [not available]
1994120900_(t000, t003, t006, t009, t012, t018, t021) [not available]
1995 (expt_19.0)
1995052100_t021 [not available]
1995061300_t018 [not available]
1995071400_t018 [not available]
1995071400_t021 [not available]
1996 (expt_19.1)
1996020800_t000 [not available]
1996041500_t021 [not available]
1996062500_(t006, t009, t012, t018, t021) [not available]
1996081000_t021 [not available]
1996090900_t000 ~ 1996091800_t000 [not available]
1996092100_t000 ~ 1996093000_t000 [not available]
1996090800_t003 ~ 1996091800_t003 [not available]
1996092100_t003 ~ 1996093000_t003 [not available]
1996090800_t006 ~ 1996091800_t006 [not available]
1996092000_t006 ~ 1996093000_t006 [not available]
1996090700_(t018, t021) [not available]
{1996090800..1996093000}_(t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
1996100100_t000 ~ 1996100400_t000 [not available]
1996100600_t000 ~ 1996101300_t000 [not available]
1996100100 ~ 1996101300 (t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
1996123100_t000 [not available]
1997 (expt_19.1)
1997012800_t018 [not available]
1997092600_t021 [not available]
1998 (expt_19.1)
1998041800_t018 [not available]
1998051200_t015 [not available]
1998081300_t018 [not available]
1999 (expt_19.1)
1999100800_t021 [not available]
1999100900_t021 [not available]
2000 (expt_19.1)
2000050300_(t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000051000_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000051600_(t018, t021) [not available]
2000051900_(t000, t003, t006, t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000052000_(t000, t003, t006, t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000052100_(t000, t003, t006, t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000052200_(t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000081200_t006 [not available]
2000102500_t012 [not available]
2000102800_t012 [not available]
2000120300_(t006, t009) [not available]
2001 (expt_19.1)
2001062600_t018 [not available]
2001092200_(t000, t003) [not available]
2002 (expt_19.1)
2002020800_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2002021800_(t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2002080800_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2002080900_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2002081000_(t018, t021) [not available]
2002081100_(t018, t021) [not available]
2002081200_t021 [not available]
2004 (expt_19.1)
2004071500_t018 [not available]
2005 (expt_19.1)
2005022100_t021 [not available]
2005042400_t015 [not available]
2006 (expt_19.1)
2006083000_t018 [not available]
2007 (expt_19.1)
2007013100_t021 [not available]
2007041100_t021 [not available]
2008 (expt_19.1)
2008012900_t003 [not available]
2008020900_t018 [not available]
2008031900_t021 [not available]
2008122000_t009 [not available]
2009 (expt_19.1)
2009100800_t021 [not available]
2011 (expt_19.1)
2011061100_t012 [not available]
2012 (expt_19.1)
2012070100_(t003, t006, t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2012072900_t021 [not available]

Where can I find the pretty pictures and animations of HYCOM data? Print

NRL creates GIF movies and snapshots for the following HYCOM model runs:

What causes a change in experiment number? Print

New experiment numbers correspond to improvements in either the code or data assimilation.

Explain the hycom grid? Print

The global hycom grid is rectilinear from j=1 to j=2172, and you can check this by confirming that the minval and maxval of plat(1:4500,j) are identical there. The grid is curvilinear (bi-polar patch) from j=2173 to j=3298. Note that the j=3298 row is a permuted copy of j=3297 (because of the way the tripole grid is implemented in HYCOM), so you can discard j=3298.

Did you know there are days missing data? Print
Yes. We are aware that some days (early on in the GLBa0.08 model runs) are missing data. Without interpolation there is no way for us to fill in these data gaps. CPU cycles on the Navy HPC are finite and the project is only allocated so much. The following days are known to be missing data from the GLBa0.08 model, spanning multiple experiments (see GLBa0.08 Documentation here):

How much storage is required for the HYCOM data in netCDF format? Print

Here is the breakdown of the GLBa0.08 data files for a 00Z snapshot (1 day):

How much CPU time is required to produce the HYCOM GLBa0.08 data? Print
Currently running on a Cray XT5 (at the Navy DSRC), the HYCOM GLBa0.08 with data assimilation takes about 2 wall hours per model day using 624 cores (78 nodes, each holding two AMD Barcellona 4-core chips).

Can I rely on data to be updated on a daily basis? Print
No. This is a demonstration product from the HYCOM Consortium and is provided as is. HYCOM Consortium does not warrant or suggest that this data is fit for any particular purpose. Further, neither COAPS nor HYCOM consortium guarantee availability, service updates or timely data delivery.

How can I access the latest Gulf of Mexico forecasts? Print
Go to the GoM (GOMl0.04) model information page.

How can I access the latest Global ocean forecasts? Print
Go to the Global (GLBa0.08) model information page.

How do I request a HYCOM account? Print

Click Account Request in the left-hand menu, or click here.